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New line of rotatable pulverizers

We are officially launching the new DLP rotatable pulverizers.

The new pulverizers in the EcoLine series are specially designed to bring a competitive rotatable pulverizer to the market with the quality you can expect from Demarec.
It is a completely new concept with new changeable wear parts. These new (rotatable) pulverizers can also be used for primary and secondary demolition.

The new EcoLine series rotating pulverizers have been developed for the mid-range segment and will be available for excavators from 9 – 32 tons. The pulverizer is fully rotatable and has the well-known Demarec quality and DNA

On the right the official first images of the new EcoLine rotating pulverizer. The DLP-24 seen in the video is at work on a project in Germany. Curious? Watch the video now

The first images of the completely new DLP EcoLine pulverizers

‘The pulverizers are intended for the mid segment, with a
competitive price. They are also suitable for use on smaller machines.“And of course they have the Demarec quality,”
promises general manager Marcel Vening.

Key features and benefits EcoLine rotatable pulverizers:

  • Demarec DNA

    All recognizable Demarec product benefits

  • Competitively Priced

    Demarec pulverizer for the middle segment

  • Top quality

    The quality of products that you are used to from us

  • Wide range

    For excavators from 9 – 32 ton

  • Complete new concept

    A complete new concept

  • Exchangeable wear parts

    New designed exchangeable wear parts for the pulverizer

Ruud de Gier with an explanation of the construction and concept of the DLP rotating pulverizers

The new Ecoline rotatable pulverizers

The first available rotatable pulverizer in the EcoLine is the 2 tonne DLP-24, which is suitablefor use on machines from 18 to 25 tons. The product portfolio will then be expanded step by step to include heavier, but also lighter models.

EcoLine rotatable pulverizers are coming onto the market for machines from 9 to 32 tons. First of all, we focus on the rotatable version of the new EcoLine pulverizers, followed by the rigid version.

Would you like more product-specific information? Then click on the button below and view the product page.

Rotatable pulverizers - DLP

Mid-range pulverizer

In contrast to the well-known Demarec line, the new EcoLine pulverizers will focus on the middle segment of the market in terms of price. Because the new pulverizers are full of smart Demarec solutions such as: exchangeable wear parts, filters in rotation and a speed valve, no concessions have been made on quality.

The EcoLine pulverizers are at the price level of a number of other competing brands.
However, with this line of crushers we ensure that we can serve 2 markets, namely that of the real top products and the products for the middle segment.

Would you like to get to know the new crushers?

Request a demo right away. With our many years of experience, we can provide your machine with the right equipment that meets all your needs.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Demarec has succeeded in perfectly combining market knowledge and technology. Demarec develops its products with a clear vision, in which favorable operating costs, an excellent price-quality ratio, unique performance, service-friendliness, design and low maintenance costs are central. This ties in closely with how we developed the new EcoLine rotary pulverizer.

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