Demolition and sorting grab – DRG-DD


    DemaDrive demolition and sorting grabs are extremely suitable for use in demolition, recycling and general activities. Whether you need it for renovation demolition, damage due to fire or digging up bushes, the small useful tool always comes in handy. When working under water the sealed system offers many advantageous There is no slewing ring or grease point that could be damaged. Moreover the use of a demolition and sorting grab saves time and manpower, and increases safety during work. This unique and fully maintenancefree grab concept, with its compact design and long service life, is still a cutting-edge innovation for the demolition and recycling market. The patented DemaDrive-System delivers a constant closing force.

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    ‘The patented DemaDrive-System delivers a constant closing force.’

    Key features and benefits

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    Technical specifications

    Type Machineweight* Weight** Capacity Opening Width Height
    DRG-4-DD 2 – 4 ton 280 kg 75 l 1045 mm 420 mm 812 mm
    DRG-5-DD NOX 3 – 6 ton 240 kg 75 l 1045 mm 420 mm
    DRG-6-DD 4 – 6 ton 340 kg 150 l 1350 mm 470 mm 970 mm
    DRG-7-DD NOX 5 – 8 ton 310 kg 150 l 1350 mm 470 mm
    DRG-9-DD 6 – 9 ton 415 kg 220 l 1545 mm 520 mm 1061 mm
    DRG-11-DD NOX 7 – 11 ton 360 kg 220 l 1545 mm 520 mm

    *Depending of lifting capacity of carrier
    **Excl adapter

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