Railcutter – RC-30


    The mobile Demarec Rail Cutter RC-30 is a special development for controlled and safe demolition of rail systems and for scrap preparation of railway lines. All current Vignol rails (flat bottom rails) with a standard quality up to 900 N/ mm2 and a profile size „S7“ to „UIC 60“ can be cut with the railcutter. Vignol rails in special qualities exceeding 900 N/mm2 or with head hardening are excluded. The wear of the cutters highly depends on the quality of the rails. Cutting rails with a ordinary scrap shear is a risky task because of the flying scrap. With the Demarec Railcutter it is possible to cut safely and efficiently. The RC-30 is fully rotatable but there is also a static Railcutter available. … The jaws are a perfect match for all tough conditions during demolition and recycling. In all cases, the emphasis is on efficiency and durability. Furthermore, and that is perhaps even more important, a Demarec MQP has, compared to every other competing brand, an additional performance that can amount to up to 20%. In other words, more profits thanks to more power and more speed.

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    ‘20% more cylinder power and extremely fast cycle times’

    ‘More power, More speed, More tonnes processed per day’

    Key features and benefits

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    Technical specifications

    Type Weight* Carrier weight** Jaw opening Jaw depth Lenght
    RC-30 2650 kg 20 – 35 ton 224 mm 224 mm 2234 mm
    RC-30-S 2300 kg 20 – 35 ton 190 mm 190 mm 2040 mm

    *Excl adapter
    **Depending of lifting capacity of carrier

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