Drum cutter – KDC


    The cutters with robust spur gearing are driven by high torque motors. In addition, they are equipped with a gear reduction to increase the cutting force. The optimal selection of drum and chisel guarantees high performance for loosening of material and reduces wear.

    The best suited components for your task will provide optimum penetration into the rock at low vibration and noise levels.
    Underwater operation in up to 25m water depth is no problem thanks to the heavy duty sealing system!

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    “Driven by high torque motors and aequipped with a gear reduction to increase the cutting force”

    Key features and benefits

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    Technical specifications

    Technical specifications KDC-series
    Type Carrierweight* Weight** Diameter cutter Pmax
    KDC-04 2-4 ton 250 kg 350 mm 375 bar
    KDC-06 4-6 ton 250 kg 350 mm 375 bar
    KDC-08 6-8 ton 250 kg 350 mm 375 bar
    KDC-15 8-15 ton 420 kg 405 mm 375 bar
    KDC-20 15-20 ton 850 kg 550 mm 350 bar
    KDC-30 20-30 ton 1400 kg 615 mm 350 bar
    KDC-35 30-35 ton 1460 kg 615 mm 350 bar
    KDC-45 35-45 ton 2550 kg 760 mm 350 bar
    KDC-60 45-60 ton 2800 kg 760 mm 350 bar

    *Depending on lifting capacity of carrier
    **Weight incl. stadard bracket
    Subject to change without notice

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