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Sorting grabs – DRG

The first type in our portfolio of sorting grabs, are the DRG sorting grabs.
The proven concept of the DRG and have been in the market for a long time. The sorting grab can therefore also be widely used. The grabs are used in demolition, recycling and other applications and therefore used by many prominent companies in various industries.

Demarec has managed to take full account of the harsh conditions in all applications when designing the grab. The grabs are characterized by high closing forces and a robust construction of the yoke. This is due to the use of a Deltabox frame. This frame has wide bearing pivot points. Furthermore, the Delta box frame has: dimensioned hardened pins and bearing bushes. The Delta-Box frame in combination with one cylinder with a large diameter ensures a high closing force. This also ensures low reaction forces in the pivot points. They are also very service friendly and reliable. Because of the simplicity of the hydraulic system. The shells are fitted with a perforated hull plate made of high-quality material. This gives the construction extra torsional rigidity at the shells. This prevents materials from getting stuck in the shells. This also provides optimal visibility during work.

The DRG sorting grabs are available for machines from 10 to 80 tons.

Sorteergrijpers - DRG

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Sorteergrijpers - DRG-DD

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Sorting grabs – DRG-DD

The second type in our portfolio of sorting grabs are the DRG-DD sorting grabs equipped with DemaDrive. These grabs are ideal for use in demolition, recycling and general work.

When it comes to renovation demolition, fire damage or clearing shrubs. The small handy grab always comes in handy. But the completely closed DemaDrive-System also offers many advantages for underwater work. After all, there is no slewing ring. Furthermore, there are no pivot points that can take damage. This makes the grab reliable. Using a sorting grab saves time and manpower. It also promotes safety during work. The maintenance-free grab concept with compact design and long service life is also still innovative on the market. The patented DemaDrive-System ensures a constant closing force. The perforated shells provide a good view of the work. These also ensure a favorable power-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, the closed DemaDrive-System provides optimum hydraulic protection. In addition, the grab is equipped with a load-holding valve to guarantee safety during work. And of course the grab is also equipped with exchangeable blades.

The DemaDrive grabs are available for machines from 2 to 11 tons. Furthermore, the grabs can also be mounted with a tiltrotator.

Sorting grabs – DRG-DN

The last option in our sorting grab portfolio is the Mini/ midi sorting grab equipped with cylinders.

The mini and midi sorting grabs with double cylinders are ideal for use in demolition, recycling or general work. This allows it to be used for renovation demolition, fire damage or, for example, clearing shrubs. Because the grab has a double cylinder, it has a high closing force. The cylinder also features a load holding valve. Further important features of the grab are: A compact 4,10 or 15-ton hydraulic rotator and also 360° rotatable. They also have robust pivot points. Furthermore, the grab has exchangeable screw-under blades and the hydraulics are protected in the yoke.

The mini/midi sorting grab is available for machines from 1 to 9 tons. This grab can also be mounted under a tiltrotator.

Sorteergrijpers - DRG-DN

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