DSP Pulverizers

The first type in our portfolio of pulverizers are the DSP pulverizers.
The DSP pulverizers have been especially developed for secondary demolition, mainly for crushing concrete and freeing reinforcing steel bars. The DSP series are the first pulverizers developed in-house at Demarec.

The DSP series are equipped with the “famous” DemaPower-System! A unique cylindertechnique. Because of the DemaPower-system the DSP has 20% power and extremely fast cycle times. As a result, the DSP delivers better performance in contrast to pulverizers with a standard cylinder. Nevertheless, the DSP is also available with a standard cylinder.

The upper jaw has an exchangeable tooth plate with one front tooth. This ensures excellent penetration into the concrete. Both teeth in the upper jaw fall between the openings in the lower jaw, so that the reinforcement steel is always optimally separated from the concrete. All wear parts can be replaced on site. The DSP is available in a rigid and rotatable version and is suitable for machines from 20 to 65 tons.

DSP betonvergruizers

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DLP betonvergruizers

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EcoLine Pulverizers

The second type within our portfolio of concrete pulverizers are the Ecoline pulverizers.
The EcoLine concrete pulverizers are specially designed to bring a competitive pulverizer to the market with the quality you can expect from Demarec. It is a completely new concept with mostly new exchangeable wear parts. Nevertheless, these new rotatable pulverizers can be used for primary and secondary demolition.

The pulverizers of the new EcoLine series have been developed for the middle segment. The pulverizers are available for excavators from 9 to 32 tons. The pulverizer is therefore fully rotatable and has the well-known Demarec quality and DNA.

So are you looking for a Demarec concrete pulverizer with the well-known Demarec product advantages? Then theDLP EcoLine pulverizers are definitely something for you!

MQP with pulverizer jaw

The third option in our concrete pulverizer portfolio is the Multi-Quick Processor. The MQP is originally not only a concrete crusher, after all, it is known for being able to change it’s jaws. The MQP is available in four different types with six to eight jaw sets. The jaw that is used for crushing concrete is the so-called P(ulverizer)-jaw. This jaw, as it were, turns the MQP into a concrete crusher. But there are also jaws for cutting concrete structures with reinforcing bars, wood and for cutting steel structures and tanks. As a result, the jaws fit perfectly in all harsh conditions during demolition and recycling.
In all cases, the emphasis is on efficiency and sustainability.

Moreover, and perhaps more importantly a Demarec MQP has an extra performance of up to 20% compared to any other competing brand. In other words: more profit thanks to more power and more speed.

Betonvergruizer - MQP

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Betonvergruizer - DRP

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Dedicated Demolition Line wit pulverizer jaw

Finally, the last types of concrete pulverizers within our portfolio are the Dedicated Demolition line pulverizers. Like the Multi-Quick Processor, the dedicated demolition line consists of different types. However, the series of the dedicated demolition line consists of 3 jaw types and two different series (DL or DR). Both series are available as combi or demolition shears and as pulverizer.

The P(ulverizer)-version is the concrete crusher version for the DDL-line. This jaw ensures that the DLP or DRP can crush concrete. The DL series (DLC / DLD / DLP) are equipped with the standard cylinder technology with speed valve. The DR series (DRC / DRD / DRP) are equipped with the “well-known” DemaPower system with 4 pressure chambers and double-acting speed valve. The DDL series is available for machines from 18 to 65 tons.

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