Demarec Info on COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Dear Demarec relations,

We as Demarec Team highly value optimal service to our customers and relations. By means of this message we want to inform you and guarantee as much as possible that, despite the current Corona problems, our service level remains intact as much as possible. Of course as long as the regulations of the government make this possible.

We maintain the following protocol to prevent contamination:

Where possible, we allow as many employees as possible to work from home, whereby everyone from the Demarec Team can be reached via their normal telephone numbers and E-mail address, whether at home or at the office.

Our office is easily accessible and all employees are available. We ask you not to visit our offices and try to do everything by phone or email. This unusual situation requires clear measures. As a result, some things will take a little longer. We ask for your understanding and thank you very much for your cooperation. Our mutual safety is at the top, it has always been and it will continue to be so even after this period. Demarec stands for that too.

Warehouse Parts:
Parts can simply be ordered by phone or email. In special situations it is possible to pick up in Cuijk, please indicate this and our employee can coordinate the procedure with you. However, we prefer sending the parts. Third-party drivers may only enter the company building with express permission and may not use the canteen.

Field service technicians:
As always, our field service is available for breakdowns and maintenance. Parts are either delivered to you or our mechanics on the bus to avoid contact, which can sometimes cause some delay. Our technicians are instructed to avoid all direct contact and will therefore not shake hands, etc. We ask you for understanding.

In our workshop people just work. Tools that require maintenance or repair can be brought to Cuijk after consultation. We will be happy to agree with you (by telephone) how this can take place.


With best regards,

Demarec management