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Concrete crusher – DCC

The Demarec concrete crusher is specially developed to demolish the heaviest reinforced concrete structures. Examples include viaducts, quay walls and heavy foundations. The concrete crusher works perfectly with the current range of modern excavators. But also for example the special “High Reach Demolition Machines”. The shears are equipped with 2 hinge points. As a result, there is more momentum in the jaws and because of that optimal strength development. Thanks to the newly developed DemaPower 2.0 cylinder and due to the ideal jaw geometry, the DCC has an average of 25% more force than comparable concrete crushers. The DemaPower 2.0 System also ensures fast cycle times.

The hydraulics are completely concealed in the frame and the cylinders are also equipped with a very robust cylinder protection. As a result, no damage can occur during work. Due to the ideal jaw geometry, the force curve during jaw closing is very favorable and at the same time, the concrete crusher retains its strength until the end. In addition, the DCC has a large jaw opening and jaw depth.

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“25% more force in the cylinder of the concrete crusher is 100% translated into 25% more closing force”

Betonschaar - DemaPower2.0

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Key features and benefits of the concrete crusher:

  • DemaPower 2.0

    – Based on 4 cylinder chambers; 2 chambers cylinder in and 2 chambers cylinder out.
    – This allows a smooth, fast, strong and highly efficient operation.
    – The newly developed speed-action valve works in 2 directions: open and close.
    – Based on “logic elements” with 420 bar working pressure.
    – Maximum working pressure of 380 bar, therefore adapted to modern excavators.
    – The high cylinder forces are immediately available; therefore no loss of time for building op pressure in the cylinder.

  • Robust yoke

    – Made of “high strenght steel“

  • DemaFilter-syteem

    – Filters in rotation circuit and therefore no dirt in tool or machine

  • New hydraulic valves

    – Provides high oil flow capacity.
    – The centrally located speed-action valve (double acting) is also the oil distributor for both cylinders.

  • DemaSafety

    – Patented safety system against excessive pressure in the cylinder rod side.

  • Beveled jaws

    – For the most optimal penetration. Jaws are made of wear-resistant high-quality steel.

  • Multiple cutting blades

    – 2 cutting blades on the DCC-25 – DCC-40
    – 4 cutting blades on the DCC- 50 – DCC-75

  • Long cutting blades available

    – DCC-65-C and DCC-75-C with exchangeable tips en long cuttingblades (4x).

“With the DemaPower 2.0 System, DCC concrete crushers deliver performance equivalent to crushers of one to two types larger”

Would you like to get acquainted with the DCC conrete crushers?

Request a demo immediately. Because of our years of experience, we can therefore always provide your machine with the right equipment.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Demarec has succeeded in perfectly combining market knowledge and technology. Demarec develops its products with a clear vision. In addition, we focus firstly on favorable operating costs and secondly on an excellent price-quality ratio. Furthermore, our focus and vision is on unique performance, service-friendliness, design and low maintenance costs. This closely matches how the concrete crusher was developed.

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