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Combi-shear – Multi-Quick Processors

The proven concept of Demarec’s combi-shear, the Multi-Quick Processor , can be seen as a standard in the demolition and recycling market. At the time, the combi-shears were developed with the intention of supplying a combi-shear according to a totally renewed concept, with the emphasis on efficiency in the broadest sense of the word.

The MQP combi-shear is available in four different types with six to eight jaw sets. There are jaws for cutting concrete structures with reinforcing bars and for crushing concrete. There are also jaws for wood and for cutting steel structures and tanks.

That’s why the jaws are perfect for all tough conditions during demolition and recycling. In all cases, the emphasis is on efficiency and sustainability.

But moreover, and that is perhaps even more important, a Demarec MQP combi-shear has an extra performance compared to any other competing brands that can be as much as 20%. As a result, the combi-shear delivers more profit thanks to more power and more speed.

Watch footage of a MQP-45-C here.

Combi-shear with C-jaw

‘20% more cylinder power and extremely fast cycle times’

Combi-shear Demapower

Key feautures and benefits of the Combi-shear:

  • DemaPower

    20% more power and optimal cycle times combined with less fuel consumption.

  • DemaSafety

    Patented safety system against overpressure in the cylinder – rod side.

  • DemaGuide

    Jaw guided stabilization in front and behind the pivot point (C and S jaws).

  • High rotation power

    Twin rotation motors for more rotation power.

  • Filters in rotation

    To protect the MQP and excavator against polution in the hydraulic circuit.

  • DemaLink

    That means changing hydraulic jaws in just a few minutes.

  • Exchangeable wear parts

    Exchange of wear parts possible on site

  • Trunnion design

    Cylinder with ”Trunnion” design provides better closing force.

Combi-shear jaws

Click here for more information about the Jaw-types

DemaPower in each Combi-shear

All Demarec Combi-shears are equipped with the famous DemaPower-System. This special cylinder technology is a innovation of Demarec. The cylinder has four instead of two pressure chambers. As a result, the cylinder has 20% more power than conventional cylinders. And thanks to the use of a double-acting speed-action valve, the MQP has extremely fast cycle times. This means more work capacity per day. Furthermore, the mouth is open and closed within five seconds!

In short, more power and speed that in the end results in huge capacity gains during work!

Combi-shear with demolition jaw

Combi-shear D-jaw

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Safety against to hight pressure in the combi-shear

Demarec is the only manufacturer in the market that works with a valve that automatically protects the cylinders against too high pressure. The valve is aimed at counteracting too high pressure on the rod side of the cylinder. Because this can occur when the return oil is blocked by, for example, a closed ball valve or broken quick coupling.

Easy to switch between different jaws

Thanks to the in-house developed DemaLink-System, all MQP jaws can be exchanged hydraulically, quickly and easily. In just a few minutes, the function of a concrete crusher changes into a scrap shear or, for example, a demolition shear. This means there is no unnecessary downtime and therefore always the right jaw for the work. In addition, one person can change the mouth.

Would you like to get to know the MQP Combi-shear?

Request a demo immediately. Because of our years of experience, we can therefore always provide your machine with the right equipment.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Demarec has succeeded in perfectly combining market knowledge and technology. Demarec develops its products with a clear vision. Moreover, we focus firstly on favorable operating costs and secondly on an excellent price-quality ratio. Furthermore, our focus and vision is on unique performance, service-friendliness, design and low maintenance costs. As a result, this closely matches how we have developed the MQP.

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